We learned back in October that GM was planning on bringing back its military unit and now it looks like they’ve landed on a logo.

New trademark applications uncovered by GM Inside Newsshow a trademark application for a GM Defense logo for “motor land vehicles, namely, hydrogen-powered vehicles, fuel cell powered vehicles” and more.

That squares with the original reports from back in October. Back then, it was suggested that GM had three hydrogen vehicles that it wanted to get the US Army to adopt.

The project would include a Silent Utility Rover Universal Superstructure (SURUS), effectively a heavy-duty chassis that could easily form the foundation of numerous military (and commercial) vehicles.

“This is our commercial fuel cell solution that we think will solve real-world, near-term problems,” said Charlie Freese, who oversees GM Defense, said of the SURUS.

GM had long operated a military unit called GM Defense until it sold the company to General Dynamics Corp for $1.1 billion in 2003.

Since then GM has sold powertrain components to the US military, but GM Defense indicates that GM is getting more serious about courting US contracts.

“This new business structure will enhance GM’s productivity, agility and affordability in a very dynamic customer environment,” Freese told Automotive Newsin October . “Our goal is to make it simpler and more seamless to do business with General Motors.”

addtional reporting by Dennis Chung

a version of this article first appeared on gminsidenews.com