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GM Futureliner

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Sold for $4.1 million

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Cool stuff. I watched Dave Kindig restore one over a span of a few episodes. Them things are monsters!
Did GM patent it? I thought Nikola held that patent.
Not sure on a GM patent. See

Can't find anything about Nikola Tesla getting a patent on an automotive skateboard design like the GM Autonomy.
I was referring to the wraparound windshield. said:
Nikola is alleging that Tesla’s cab design infringes on three of its patents – one covering the shape of the bullet-nosed fuselage, one for the wraparound windshield and one for the placement and design of the “mid entry door” that’s placed in the middle of the cab rather than at the rear as in most of today’ semis.
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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