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I wonder what "other basic maintenance" refers to and if this will apply to 2014 Volts?

The maintenance for my Volt over two years has been one oil change. I do my own tire rotations. I'll need another oil change within the next two years. What else is there?
"Other basic maintenance" is probably the 27 point inspection, top off fluids, adjust tire pressures, lube, etc.....that come standard on regular maintenance visits.

I just got my tires rotated (for free) by the dealership. That's all I've had done to my Volt so far in 8 months. I actually received 2 sets of free oil change coupons, but because my oil life is still at 86%, I ended up not using them before they expired. But the service rep said I can still get a free oil change next time it is due. Might get it changed at the 1 year mark, just because.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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