[ad#post_ad]Later this year and early next year the first mass-produced electric cars will reach the retail market. Nissan will be releasing its 100 mile range pure battery electric vehicle (BEV) and GM will be releasing its extended range electric car (EREV) Chevrolet Volt.

GM has long expressed its strategy with the Volt is to eliminate range anxiety, and many hear among us agree it is a very good solution.

It still remains unknown which architecture will be more popular among the general population of consumers when they finally have a chance to buy them.

I had the chance to ask Mark Reuss who is GM's new President of North America what his opinion is on this. I asked whether he believes BEVs or EREVs will turn out to be more popular.

"Long term demand (for) BEV could be higher as EREV initially leads the way with battery technology like the lithium ion pack in the Volt...first gen," stated Reuss.

The initial EREV technology as he sees it "then feeds BEV-like vehicles."

"While EREV will be wildly popular at first with Volt," says Reuss. "As the technology flows down to BEV in what will be smaller cars to carry smaller packs, that may be the higher volume play over a longer time."

Since Reuss is newly in charge of GM North America sales and marketing, his opinions are likely to play a significant role in the company's strategy going forward.

It appears he believes the Volt is a stepping stone to a market of pure EVs, and that the process of developing the technology for Volt will help lower the costs and broaden the acceptance for EVs in the future.