[ad#post_ad]Sherry Boschert is an electric car advocate who is affiliated with the California-based Plug-in America group. She has also authored a leading book on EVs which was published in 2006.

She and her group participated in one of GM's Volt drive events earlier this week in California. Needless to say she liked the car, though kept her experience a bit short. "It was a peppy, comfy ride," she wrote . Boschert and her group were accompanied by several members of the Volt team including a communications staffer named Shad Balch.

She did focus in her piece on two news elements that others have found scintillating.

First she claims someone told here exactly when Volt pricing would be revealed, the aha' moment we've been waiting years for. "GM plans to announce the car's price in early October," she casually writes.

This claim remains unsubstantiated though possibly true. Volt marketing manager John Hughes had told GM-Volt "we'll have much more to say later this summer," and communications manager Rob Peterson has said GM does have a plan to when pricing will be announced but that it is "much closer to launch." Is it October? Hard to be sure, but do expect some people to get deliveries of Volts prior to November 1st. Lance Armstrong after all has been promised the first Nissan LEAF on September 1st.

The other claim Boschert makes which is frankly a bit out there, is that GM will begin selling an all-electric car a mere 6 months after the Volt is released, putting it in mid-2011.

I followed up with her on that claim and responded as follows:

It will be an EV version of the Volt. I think they've kept quiet because they didn't want to steal the Volt's thunder when it's launched. When I asked GM's Shad Balch at the test drive when they might have an EV to complement the Volt, he said that their CEO had inadvertently mentioned the Volt EV in a press interview recently, so the secret is out. That's why he could answer my question with this news.

I have contacted several sources within GM and all categorically deny this statement.  Furthermore, following this story as closely as I do, I have never read a comment from Ed Whitacre about a pure EV Volt.

It is well-known GM is studying and researching electric cars, and through a partnership with REVA will be launch an electric Chevy Spark in India this year.  There has been no commitment to bring an all electric car to the US at this point, however.

After all, the effort and care GM is putting into the Volt's launch and marketing message, and the fact that only 8000 Volts will be built through the end of next year, how in the world would or could they also put out a Volt EV within months?
Finally to clarify the situation, we have a statement from Mr. Balch directly for GM-Volt:

There was an obvious misunderstanding on Tuesday when I saw Sherry in San Francisco.  GM has not officially announced plans to build an all-electric Volt.