GM recently announced it was forming a new partnership experiment with eBay Motors in California. The experiment is designed to see if this method of online buying can help GM be more successful in a state where sales have been traditionally slow, and if it works across the nation.

It seemed an obvious question to ask Chevrolet Brand Manager Ed Peper if GM might try using this technique to sell the first Chevy Volts. After all since those cars are being sold at a loss and demand will likely far outstrip supply, conceivably it could be a method for GM to actually make profit on those sales

Peper said of the eBay partnership, "in the interest of moving fast, and Fritz is really mandating we move as fast as we can on everything we're doing, that's something we’re looking at as a test here coming up."

"It will be hopefully in the August - September timeframe and its again a test that we're going to try in California using eBay," he said. "We've got more details to work out on that and we'll let those go at an appropriate time."

When asked if the experiment works out whether could GM use the technique as a way of selling the first Volts at a profit Peper said "Exactly right."

"We actually have been thinking about that same application to be able to do that, It something that’s definitely crossed our mind," he said. "You could even have an auction on the vehicles. We use this already with certified used vehicles and its actually worked out very well. Dealers use it a lot."

He also added "If it works in California its going to work just about anywhere."