[ad#post_ad]For a long time, the MSRP of the Chevy Volt remained a mystery. Despite the concept being unveiled in 2007, and the thousands of articles, comments, and interviews about it, the exact price of the car remained unknown up until July 27, 2010.

In the past GM claimed for a long time they didn't know how much they would charge either. It was said it would depend on the price of gas in November 2010 when the car is launched.

"We're not wishing for higher petroleum costs, but the economic viability of what we're doing only gets greater with higher fuel prices," said Bob Kruse, GM's director of EVs and HEVs, "$1.50 gallon gas is not helping our business case."

GM also debated whether the battery packs would be sold or leased to the customer.

The Volt is profoundly important to GM's future viability. Speaking to how critical fuel cost is in the Volt equation, GM's CEO Rick Wagoner had gone on record stating that a mandatory federal gas tax to keep gasoline at $4.00 per gallon minimum is "worthy of consideration."

In early 2009 GM VP John Lauckner announced when we would finally know what the Chevy Volt's MSRP will be. He said "we won't set the price of the Volt until 6 months prior to start of production."

At that time best estimates place it in the mid to upper 30s range before a $7500 tax credit.
Finally on July 27th 2010, and two CEOs later, GM announced the official price of the Chevy Volt.

It is $41,000 before the $7500 federal tax credit, which makes the effective price $33,500. As a more inexpensie option GM also announced it would leas the car for $350 per month, for three years and 36,000 miles with a $2500 down payment.

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