We had a very vigorous response yesterday when one of GM's engineers reached out to this site for some feedback on ideas for a data interface for the production car.  The response of over 500 comments seemed to crack the blog's ability to handle it!  No worries, I still have the comments in the database and will get them reposted as soon as I can.

Here is today's response from the same GM engineer who threw out the questions in the first place:

Hello again,

Wow, 600+ posts, a write-up on Motor Trend and we broke the internet...this blogging stuff is fun!!  Thank you, thank you, thank you for all of your input.  I've read every one (excepting those that got lost when we jammed up the website.  Lyle said he would send those to me) of your comments.  I've been itching to reply to some of the comments directly, but I can't reveal everything about what is happening internally here at GM.  Here's a few common threads I saw and my thoughts:

Many of you noted that you do not have time-of-day charging where you live.  Too bad, because there are savings available with this option.  Here's a link to a webpage from Los Angeles Water and Power showing a $0.025/kW-h reduction for night charging:
<a href=" http://www.ladwp.com/ladwp/cms/ladwp002056.jsp " rel="nofollow">http://www.ladwp.com/ladwp/cms/ladwp002056.jsp</a>

They have it here in Detroit too, but you have to contact your electric company to set it up.  I suggest you check with your local electricity supplier to see if they offer this type of program.

-I'm not sure if wireless is going to be offered in this vehicle or not.  I was more interested in what kind of data everyone wanted from their vehicle.  I'm an engineer so the more data the better for me, but I can see that not everyone agrees.  Remember that this information will indeed be optional....if you don't want to see it or get it (through e-mail, text message or whatever way we figure out how to give it to you) you won't.

-Many people have mentioned KISS principles with this vehicle.  I totally agree and that is our plan moving forward.  We have enough risk and invention to do with the batteries and integration of the electric and internal combustion drives to mess around with anything else that is unproven, unreliable or new.  That being said, while I can't comment on what exactly will or will not be offered on the 1st generation of this vehicle, use my comments above to decide whether your technology of choice will make the cut for the first Volts.  But, we are definitely planning future generations of the vehicle that will have whiz bang stuff.

Once again, thanks for all the comments and suggestions.  I'm having fun and I hope you are too.  I have more questions to ask and potentially have other items to share.  If you are willing, I would like to try and do some more posts in the future.

I read the Motor Trend article and was somewhat confused...why wouldn't I want the input of those that really want this vehicle and want it yesterday?  Would this group like to keep it going?  If so, we may have to give Lyle some money to upgrade the server. :)

Those of your attending Volt Nation tomorrow, have fun and say hello to Andrew F. for me.  He's having some problems with his voice, so go easy on him.