Last week GM vice chairman Bob Lutz told us only one lithium-ion prototype is running in the several functioning Volt mules, becasue in GMs opinion, one of the 2 pack making teams, either LG Chem/CPI or A123/Conti (he wouldn't say which) appeared to be a lower risk.

Soon thereafter a report surfaced in which CPIs CEO told reporters in an interview that it was the CPI packs running in the mule that Lutz drove.

As such, it was a logical deduction that CPI/LG Chem might be close to winning the Chevy Volt contract.

GM spokesman Rob Peterson, who has intimate knowledge of the E-Flex program, has issued the following statement:

"The development of the battery for the Chevrolet Volt is a significant technical undertaking, we are not in a position to limit our options at this point. Both Conti/A123 and CPI/LG Chem bring tremendous intellectual strengths to the development of batteries and we continue to work and test solutions from both supplier groups. Speculation aside, a final supplier has not been chosen. We'll let everyone know when it has."

And thats the official word for now.