[ad#post_ad]Only about 10% of the traffic to GM-Volt.com comes from Canada, yet our friends to the north seem to be very vocal in the comments (you know who you are).  Earlier this week, GM released the news they have been waiting for.

The Chevrolet Volt will become available in Canada in the second half of 2011. The following seven cities will be the initial launch markets: Montreal, Quebec City, Toronto, Oshawa, Ottawa-Gatineau, Vancouver and Victoria.

“The Chevrolet Volt is a game-changer, offering consumers an electric vehicle without compromise,” said Kevin Williams, president and managing director of GM of Canada. “These seven cities represent some of our largest automotive markets in Canada, where customers and major fleet operators are known to be leaders in adopting groundbreaking environmental technologies.”

GM is also working closely with Canadian utility companies to prepare these markets for the arrival of the car.  It is expected the Volt will become available all across Canada by the end of the 2012 model year, but service locations will be broadly available from the point of launch.  Canadian pricing has not been determined and will be set closer towards launch.

In addition to the Canadian markets, GM has made some inroads towards getting the car into Asia.  It was previously announced that the car will be exported to China  in 2011, a market that could become quite large.

Apparently, the Volt has also been given the greenlight for a test fleet in Japan.  GM said it would introduce a limited number of Volts into Japan in 2011 for market test purposes.  If this goes successfully it could pave the way to wider export volumes

Furthermore, this week a new trade agreement was reached with South Korea which will remove import tariffs that slow down the purchasing of US-made cars in Korea.  In theory this could open the door to Volt sales in Korea as well.

GM spokesperson Rob Peterson however says currently there are no plans to export the Volt to Korea "at this time."  Peterson admits in the future "anything's possible," but notes at this time "Korea is a unique market where we have a strong presence already."  A test fleet of pure electric Cruzes are already on the roads there.

So not only will the Volt be able to help get the US off of oil, but has the potential to help to do so for the world, underscoring how the Volt may eventually become a very large volume product for GM.

Check out below a cool new two minute time lapse video of the Volt being built at the Detroit-Hamtramck plant:

Source ( GM )