[ad#post_ad]GM has announced a partnership with Michigan-based  SPX Service Solutions to sell and install the 240-v Voltec home charging station made for the Chevrolet Volt.

GM has positioned the price of the charging unit to be the "most affordable" on the market.

It will cost $490 before installation.

Installation costs are expected to vary depending on how much is involved at the customer's home.  SPX estimates the cost of installation in most cases with be $1475.

SPX will also offer several other different chargers for customers to choose from.

The Voltec 240V charger can recharge the Volt from depleted to full in about four hours, drawing 3.3 kw of power.

Nissan has partnered with AeroVironment to install chargers for the LEAF electric car.  Those chargers, with similar specs, will cost about $2200 including installation.

SPX will work with local contractors to do customer installations.

GM says SPX will:

Manage all aspects of installation for Volt owners, including the home survey, installation, permitting, Department of Energy and utility coordination, and identification of available programs and incentives for reduced charging rates

The 240-v charger is optional as the Volt can be recharged using the standard 120-v wall socket charger that comes with the car.  This would take about ten hours.

Source ( GM )

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Here's a new video about the charger and installation: