A post by "Belloc" on our Forum was noticed by one of the actual GM engineers that is building the Chevy Volt. That engineer writes to me "I'm an enthusiastic reader of the gm-volt.com site" and "I'm trying to ensure that it's (the Volt) got the best features that the customers' want.

Belloc's post:

"I would like a built in webserver (like a wireless router) That would allow me to monitor the electricity used/ gas used/ miles traveled etc... I would like to be able to see my day to day usage as well as a week and month breakdown. I would also like to be able to enter in my electricity cost and fill up cost to track all expenses.

I would also like to monitor hours on engine. When the next maintenance is due (oil change etc) also I would like a history of all maintenance that was performed over the history of the vehicle."

It turns out GM is wondering whether this kind of thing would be a good option for the production car. The GM engineer asked me to throw out the following questions from him to you, the GM-volt.com readership:

1--Would you prefer the tracking information for costs/electrical usage/gas usage, etc. be provided in the vehicle or by a weekly/monthly e-mail?
2--Would you be willing to pay for this option? If so, how much?
3--Would you like other information, such as emissions reduced, CO2 negated, etc.
4--Would you like a calculation of cost savings of electricity over fuel?
5--Would you be willing to pay more for the vehicle to know the rates for electricity and delay charging until the rates are lowest?

Give the GM Volt team your thoughts in the comments section, and vote in the poll below. Witness the importance of this site and your opinions in the development of this revolutionary vehicle!

As for me, I'd like a wireless networking server in the car that provides battery SOC, time and distance to depletion, and the ability to check my car's charging status from any browser, and of course a GM-Volt.com icon on the dash and screen so that we can all network about our Volts anytime!

While I'm at it, I'd also like to be able to see the depletion of my batteries energy graphically in real-time while driving, and have the dash show me optimum driving velocity for grade so that I may make the charge last the longest. Oh yeah, and of course I want the whole dash to be a programmable LCD screen. I think this geeked out setup should be an option at extra charge of $499.

What say you?



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