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GFIC keeps tripping?

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Hi there,
New owner of pre-owned 2011 Volt.
I installed an outdoor GFCI outlet on a 20a circuit. Attached to this outlet is a load of another GFCI outlet and lightbulb in the garage. Once a week or so, the GFCI trips.
I tried replacing the GFCI with a new 20a GFCI outlet...still tripped.
I tried turning off the switch to the lightbulb and outlet in garage so it's not drawing any power - the outlet tripped again.
Anyone else had this problem? I read other forum posts and tried the suggestion of swapping a new GFCI. I'm wondering if this is an issue with the charger?
Any help greatly appreciated. Thank you!
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Since you had to ask, just get an electrician. Since you installed 2 GFCI"S on the same circuit, you obviously don't know what you are doing.

Given your description, there might be a ground fault in the wiring somewhere. I've dealt with finicky ground faults on fire alarm wiring throughout an old building and the culprit is usially from some meathead contractor who did sloppy work, pulling too hard stripping insulation, not running cables incorrectly and laying a big bundle of wire over another wire causing tension elsewhere down the line.

The best scenario is to wire up a new dedicated 20A circuit using a high quality, even hospital grade plug. You won't even need a GFCI circuit in this scenario because the EVSE will act as the GFCI.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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