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GFIC keeps tripping?

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Hi there,
New owner of pre-owned 2011 Volt.
I installed an outdoor GFCI outlet on a 20a circuit. Attached to this outlet is a load of another GFCI outlet and lightbulb in the garage. Once a week or so, the GFCI trips.
I tried replacing the GFCI with a new 20a GFCI outlet...still tripped.
I tried turning off the switch to the lightbulb and outlet in garage so it's not drawing any power - the outlet tripped again.
Anyone else had this problem? I read other forum posts and tried the suggestion of swapping a new GFCI. I'm wondering if this is an issue with the charger?
Any help greatly appreciated. Thank you!
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EVSEs do tend to trip some GFI outlets. There are a lot of early threads on the subject.

It has something to do with the EVSEs internal GFI system, which is slightly more tolerant to current flowing to ground; something like 25-35mA to the outlet's 15mA. It doesn't trip every time, but I have experienced this with my 2013 on a few occassions.

Also, check to make sure there are no nicks on the wire and that the J1772 plug and outlet are not wet.
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