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GFCI outlets with Equipment Ground support

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Years ago I installed a pair of 120v 20 amp single outlet circuits into my garage so I could run Christmas lights without blowing circuits all over the house. At the time GFCI wasn't a requirement for garages and I've never had a problem with moisture or had the breakers pop. I'd like to upgrade these circuits to current code and swap out the original outlets with GFCI outlets. The outlets are positioned in such a way that they don't qualify for the NEC exceptions to GFCI protected circuits. I'm now using one of these two circuits for my Volt's EVSE and have been unable to find a GFCI outlet that provides equipment ground, which the EVSE requires for operation.

Does anyone know who makes GFCI outlets that provide equipment grounding?
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Does the EVSE not work on those outlets? Fundamentally, a GFCI is monitoring the difference between current on the hot and the neutral, and doesn't actually require a ground conductor to operate. This is the reason that National Electrical Code allows you to use a GFCI breaker or outlet on old 2 conductor wiring without a ground conductor and then install 3 prong receptacles downstream. That said, I've never seen a GFCI outlet that didn't have a ground terminal on it.
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