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GFCI outlets with Equipment Ground support

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Years ago I installed a pair of 120v 20 amp single outlet circuits into my garage so I could run Christmas lights without blowing circuits all over the house. At the time GFCI wasn't a requirement for garages and I've never had a problem with moisture or had the breakers pop. I'd like to upgrade these circuits to current code and swap out the original outlets with GFCI outlets. The outlets are positioned in such a way that they don't qualify for the NEC exceptions to GFCI protected circuits. I'm now using one of these two circuits for my Volt's EVSE and have been unable to find a GFCI outlet that provides equipment ground, which the EVSE requires for operation.

Does anyone know who makes GFCI outlets that provide equipment grounding?
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I also find it incredible that they wouldn't provide ground as standard. Maybe you had a different problem like defective outlets. I charge on a GFCI circuit, but at a standard outlet downstream from a GFCI outlet, so maybe that is different somehow. If you installed the GFCI at the circuit breaker, maybe that would solve your GFCI problem without creating a ground problem.
Did you try wiring it? Did you get an error code on the EVSE? If so, is it possible the hot and neutral wires were reversed? And if that is the case, maybe an electrician should be brought in.
If you really have a no ground outlet, then it seems your problem would be solved by returning it and buying almost anything else.
I just need to know a brand that will do the job.
I think almost anything else you would pick up off the shelf should work. You can open the box in the store to look for a label. You can also bring a multi-meter and check continuity from the ground socket on the face of the outlet to the grounding screw terminal on the side or back of the outlet.
1 - 4 of 31 Posts
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