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GFCI outlets with Equipment Ground support

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Years ago I installed a pair of 120v 20 amp single outlet circuits into my garage so I could run Christmas lights without blowing circuits all over the house. At the time GFCI wasn't a requirement for garages and I've never had a problem with moisture or had the breakers pop. I'd like to upgrade these circuits to current code and swap out the original outlets with GFCI outlets. The outlets are positioned in such a way that they don't qualify for the NEC exceptions to GFCI protected circuits. I'm now using one of these two circuits for my Volt's EVSE and have been unable to find a GFCI outlet that provides equipment ground, which the EVSE requires for operation.

Does anyone know who makes GFCI outlets that provide equipment grounding?
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I used to charge off of a GFCI. Technically it was an outlet daisy chained after the GFCI outlet (I know, I know, dedicated outlet and all that junk, but it was a 20A circuit and only the garage door was on the same circuit).
For those who think I don't have a ground line, my sprinkler system controller is "load" tied to the outlet and it also requires a ground to operate as it's an outdoor controller mounted inside the garage. It worked properly with the GFCI as it connects to the load and ground screws on the back of the outlet.
Are you saying you have multiple wires on the ground screw? Because that is not allowed.

On the flip side I verified that I used the wrap method for the wires when I installed the outlet in the first place. I've never liked the push in concept for wiring as I can't see inside the outlet to verify good and solid mechanical connections. 10 gauge wire is hard to wrap around the screws but I wrapped so I could visually verify a good mechanical connection to the outlet. The two circuit lengths are 10 ft and 40 ft and I'm using the shorter one for my EVSE.
Back stab connections only accept 14 ga wire anyway.

Three strand 10 gauge wire cable, Black - Hot, Red - Neutral, and bare ground. (I couldn't find Black/White/Green in 10 gauge at the time.) As I posted my sprinkler system controller requires a ground wire as well since it's designed to be installed outdoor with a direct tie to the circuit. It works. My EVSE works on the original non-GFCI outlet as well.
#1: Why are you using #10? 20A circuit only requires 12 ga.
#2: I'm assuming you ran these in conduit? If so, your coloring is a code violation. And I think your ground has to be insulated in conduit.

The majority of 120V outlets are not designed to accept wire thicker than 12 gauge, and using 10 gauge wire creates a potential unsafe condition and would not pass inspection. A safe workaround is to use a 12 gauge pigtail with a wirenut.
Not true. All 20A outlets are rated for #10 wire. They have to be in case you have to upsize the wire for extra length.

You seem like you are in way over your head here... Call an electrician.
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