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Getting 7 MPG while in ERDTT...

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Seems a little low.

You would figure the engine wouldn't run so rich while cold (30 degrees F) - (more fuel = lower combustion temperatures). Only drive one or two miles in ERDTT (for about 5 minutes) but, what a hit to MPG.

I'm thinking the gas "guess-O-meter" may be off and needs to recalibrate.
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How are you calculating the MPG?

In ERDTT mode energy is also put into the battery, so the only decent way to measure it is with a dead battery and end the drive with a dead battery.

If I look at the gas miles driven divided by the gas used I get meaningless results. In the single digit temps, fan only mode (no electric heat), and I calculate around 14 mpg on short trips, but also my electric range extends way out as the engine is running a lot more. However, if I factor in the extra electricity generated it is about 25 mpg.

My point is that if you calculate by EV miles and gas miles driven in the display, with ERDTT on you will see your electric driven efficiency go up and your gas efficiency go down. As I said, just don't charge your car one day and drive it around to see what kind of efficiency you are really getting. I think ERDTT will actually reduce your overall energy use assuming you would have used electric heat.
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