Sure we're saving our pennies to buy a Chevy Volt, the economy is sputtering, and GM just lost $3.3 billion this quarter.

But wouldn't it be great to tap into that future $30 billion lithium-ion automotive battery market?

The news li-ion battery investors out there have been waiting for is starting to trickle in.

Watertown Massachusetts battery-maker A123 Systems, the GM Volt partner who we just discussed in the last post, is reportedly about to file for their IPO according to a blog post citing inside sources.

A123 has already raised over $132 million in venture funding and reportedly have "essentially completed" their IPO filing. We are told the S-1 should arrive at the SEC within a month, and that the "road show" may take place in September. Goldman, JPMorgan and Merrill have been chosen as the bankers.

Expected value $1 billion.

Could this be another Google? Your guess is as good as mine.

Source ( Private Equity Hub ) and ( Innovation Economy )