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Wisconsin Utilities Trying To Manage Solar Energy Industry
Listen here:

CPS Energy’s shift in sources may have impact on managing logistics
SAN ANTONIO EXPRESS-NEWS: View here:"CPS Energy’s shift in sources may have impact on managing logistics"

CPS attempted to charge solar customers a fee because the rates they were paying were not covering the upkeep of the grid infrastructure. The proposal sought a one-time connection fee of $225 on solar customers and a monthly grid distribution fee of 50 cents per kilowatt-hour. However, CPS didn’t pursue the plan after an outcry from solar advocates.
The $0.50/kWh distribution fee is an error by this writer unless he's looking at paperwork that I didn't see. But the proposed deal in March/April 2013 was shot down by all in attendance at the public meeting.

EDIT: I had to dig out an old post to find it: "And now they want their money back"

The page on their site [April, 2013] from which this quote was copied has been removed, so I glad I got this while it was up.
Under the new program, solar customers will be charged the normal monthly rate for any energy they use and receive the SunCredit for any energy they generate. Using CPS Energy’s current energy charges, a residential customer using the average 1100 kWh per month of electricity would pay April’s current rate of 9.9 cents for what they use, a total of $108.90. Assuming the customer’s solar system generated 870 kWh, the SunCredit of $48.72 would be applied, resulting in electric charges of $60.18 for the month. Previously, the customer would have off-set their retail rate of 9.9 cents for each kWh, which did not take into account the costs of infrastructure such as poles, wires, substations and more. That infrastructure delivers power when the customer’s system is not producing, at night or on cloudy days, and also delivers the power they generate to the grid.

The SunCredit is proposed to begin on November 1, and will be evaluated and adjusted annually to account for changing market prices for generation. Current solar customers and those who apply for interconnection prior to April 26 will be grandfathered to continue on the net metering program through 2023.
My math says that it would have worked out to ~56.6% of the value of a billed kWh.
The grandfathering that we finally got [on paper] is for the life of the system, regardless of who owns the property.
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