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I totally agree.

We need further government and industry cooperation here in the U.S. It’s simple: America has the opportunity to lead. Now is the time.

A century ago, the automobile gave people freedom, changing their lives forever. With this freedom, however, came effects such as crashes, environmental impact and congestion. Now, through innovative technology, we have a historic opportunity to make personal mobility safer, better and more sustainable.

The United States can lead this transformation, particularly in electric and self-driving vehicles, but it requires collaboration by the private and public sectors, supported by comprehensive federal policies.

A year ago, General Motors shared our commitment to an all-electric future — part of our vision to create a world with Zero Crashes, Zero Emissions and Zero Congestion.

Today, we are calling for a National Zero Emission Vehicle (NZEV) program to create a comprehensive approach to help move our country faster to an all-electric, zero emissions future. The most effective, efficient way to get there is with a thoughtful, thorough and consistent National ZEV program based on the existing ZEV framework, supported by complementary policies.
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