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gen2 gallons of gas used display?

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On gen1, each trip odometer showed the gallons of gas used. There may have also been a lifetime gallons of gasoline used too. Anway, is that available in the gen2 menus? I couldn't find it.

I guess the best alternative is to get the gallons of gasoline data from volstats....
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A better solution (to me anyway) would be for GM to not kick over to "LOW" below 30 miles. Anyone know what the Gen 2 does in this case?
Mine shows less than 30 miles on the fuel gauge if I let it go long enough. I think it was at ~15 miles that it switched to "LOW". If you completely "run out" of fuel (the car keeps a reserve in the tank that you can't use), it will switch to "Engine Not Available" reduced power mode and you can drive several miles in order to reach a gas station, but once those several miles are up, the car will shut down until you charge it or put more fuel in it.
Still an improvement over G1. If I fuel shortly after getting "LOW", I can put 7.6 gallons into the tank. Which means there's easily over a gallon and a half and 60 miles left. But the "LOW" bothers me, as though it were thirsty, and stop and put more in. Probably doesn't matter in the long run, but...
It won't let you use all the gas in the tank. It will keep I think around a half gallon to a gallon in the tank when it switches to "Engine Not Available" to prevent air from getting into the fuel system.
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