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gen2 gallons of gas used display?

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On gen1, each trip odometer showed the gallons of gas used. There may have also been a lifetime gallons of gasoline used too. Anway, is that available in the gen2 menus? I couldn't find it.

I guess the best alternative is to get the gallons of gasoline data from volstats....
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Mine shows less than 30 miles on the fuel gauge if I let it go long enough. I think it was at ~15 miles that it switched to "LOW". If you completely "run out" of fuel (the car keeps a reserve in the tank that you can't use), it will switch to "Engine Not Available" reduced power mode and you can drive several miles in order to reach a gas station, but once those several miles are up, the car will shut down until you charge it or put more fuel in it.
Still an improvement over G1. If I fuel shortly after getting "LOW", I can put 7.6 gallons into the tank. Which means there's easily over a gallon and a half and 60 miles left. But the "LOW" bothers me, as though it were thirsty, and stop and put more in. Probably doesn't matter in the long run, but...
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