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gen2 gallons of gas used display?

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On gen1, each trip odometer showed the gallons of gas used. There may have also been a lifetime gallons of gasoline used too. Anway, is that available in the gen2 menus? I couldn't find it.

I guess the best alternative is to get the gallons of gasoline data from volstats....
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Dear GM,

Why was the "Gallons of gas used" on the trip meters removed?

I find this very useful on my 2013. I have used the gas to a tenth of gallon from empty. It is pretty consistent when filling up, within a tenth.

I don't want "The number of miles to go before Empty" because it kick over to "Low Fuel" when below 30 miles.
The problem I have with the G1 "LOW" is that it is not consistent. One time it was 8.4 then the next time it was 7.8 when it kick on. But with the gallons used. 95% of the time it is within a tenth of gal. when filling up. I usually let the pump kick off then fill up to the next higher dollar.

Is it better with G2?
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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