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Gen1 shocks & struts

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Has anyone changed out their shocks & struts for their gen1s and if so, at what mileage did you do it? I’m at 85k miles at the moment, but the car feels like new when going over bumps (though maybe it just seems that way since wear is gradual over time).
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I'm bummed this turned into a "Fluid" thread.

I have 70k on my 2013 and the front struts/shocks are shot. They clunk and rattle over every bump and undulation.

Does anyone have any experience or suggestions on replacements?
Clunking and rattling aren't an indication of worn shocks/struts, bouncing up and down and the feeling of a washboard on a rough road are.
Check your anti sway system (sway bar) and the end links on your steering rack. The mount bushings and ends of the sway bar are usually the problem.
Thanks, I'll look. The dealer did mark that the struts were due during my last visit.
1 - 2 of 24 Posts
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