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Gen1 shocks & struts

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Has anyone changed out their shocks & struts for their gen1s and if so, at what mileage did you do it? I’m at 85k miles at the moment, but the car feels like new when going over bumps (though maybe it just seems that way since wear is gradual over time).
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I am not able to discern any deterioration in the suspension of my 2011 with 103,500 miles. We just arrived in North Carolina after a 12 hour sprint down yesterday and honestly the ride and handling is awesome. Total 740 mile drive at about 36 mpg on gas. This with a ferocious head wind for the first half of the trip. And I like the left lane and 78 mph. One phenomenon I have procrastinated on an oil change and leaving Michigan the oil life reading was 23%. Upon arrival in NC it reads 22%. It would seem age more than miles effects the reading. And yes I am due for fluid changes and we still have the original 12 V battery after 6 years, but the Volt is garaged year round in 55-68 degrees heated and earth sheltered space. My Volvo went 10 years and 130,000 on its original battery.
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