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Went up to Port Angeles WA to go salmon fishing and visit family with our 2016 Volt Premier. Total trip 234.8 miles. Electric used, 20.6 miles as I saved some electric range when I got there. MPG just on gas for the trip, 214.2 used 4.13 gals stated by car computer 52 mpg, when calculated by miles and divided by gas actually pumped the mpg was 56 mpg.

My wife took our 2010 prius and her mpg was 46 mpg of course just on gas, she did have a small kayak on the roof that shaved off a few mpg. Pretty impressive for the Volt with only an EPA of 42 mpg. I have noticed with the Volt the mpg stated when running on gas is usually under stated, meaning when calculated by actual miles driven and gallons pumped you will usually get more mpg, like in this case. The Prius was reading nearly 49 mpg on the gauge but calculated out with miles and gallons pumped to 46.
Yes, the Prius is a big fat liar on its speed and mpg. Apparently there's a flaw in Toyota internal fuel calculations on some vehicles (not just the Prius).
What were the elevations and speeds like on your route? I ask because on first glance that seems like terrible mpg for a Gen 3. Off the Interstate I'd be expecting comfortably over 50mpg. (I'm mid-high 50smpg right now).
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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