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The trip was via highway 101 speeds from 60 mph to 25 mph when going through towns, cities. We took 2 cars in the event my wife had to leave early so I could continue fishing. Salmon fishing anymore is strictly regulated and I wanted to take advantage of every day I could when its still open. Also I felt it would be a good thing to just compare the gas mpg both delivered when of course just running on gas. I'm sure the Prius would have achieved better mpg's than 46 without the kayak on the roof but probably 52-55 mpg calculated of course.
I've never tried it with the Volt, but a 600 km run at highway speeds with a kayak or canoe on top meant at least a 15% drop in mileage with my Jetta. Even the empty rack on top made a noticeable difference.
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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