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Gen 1 Stats to ponder

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Attached is comparison of both my 2013s. The Grey one has 70k miles and the Blue one 50k. Hasn't been much change in the AVG cell voltage or MIN and MAX cell voltage over the years.

Only strange stat is both the SOC measurements. When measure with a full charge but a few hours after it reached the full charge the SOCs drop. Keep in mind it still has a full charge just the SOC measurements drop. Curios.

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Thanks for posting those stats of your 2 Volts. I just recently purchased a 2012 Volt and it is nearing the 100k Voltec Warrenty ending so I am interested in making sure everything is ok with the battery.

I was looking to reproduce your spreadsheet and I know how to obtain all of the items from mygreenvolt except for your column HV_Battery_Capacity. How did you pull/calculate that from mygreenvolt and what are the units? Did you try to estimate this from the difference in the Fully charged and Depleted SOC values?

1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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