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Gen 1 charge cord not working, interior water and heat damage

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So I'm having issues with the lights on the charge cord a couple years ago. I forget the exact light pattern. Got a new cord. Finally cut the old one open and this is what I found.
Seems like water intrusion. It's interesting that the insulation is falling off the white cable. Seems like I could send this to Dave at EVDoctor4Earth. Thoughts from anyone? I need to use the cable outdoors, so, since the seal is broken, I'm guessing this one will never be any good for outdoor use again, but maybe someone with a garage would like it? DM me, or, if you think it can be fixed and resealed, good as new, LMK that too.

P.S. This thing is a **** to open! The two halves seem to be melted together for a (not so) permanent seal. Anyone know otherwise? I sawed this one open with a rotary tool and a grinding wheel.

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I replaced the power cord on mine a few years ago. I found the case real easy to open, just 6 torx screws and it splits into three sections with rubber o-rings.
Yes, water intrusion on the ribbon cable and heat cracking to the white neutral insulation.

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Voltro, what model number Lear is that? There appear to be no case securing screws so I have to presume the case is ultrasonically welded together at assembly.
I'm cheap and I'm prone to try to save junk from the trash, but In my opinion the case, control board, and input lead are all compromised.
I'd ponder whether the J1772 plug and cord are worth saving, or it it's all junk.
Lug_Nut - IDK the model year. Nothing on the outside of the case. Yes it was melted together; no screws anywhere. IMO, the J1772 plug looks good. I'll keep the unit around for parts, just in case, but, if anyone wants it, pls LMK. I'm in Los Angeles.
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