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Gen 1 alignment

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I've been searching the forum and the 'net and cannot find an answer as to whether the Volt has adjustable caster and camber in front. I'm particularly interested in caster as mine has a slight pull to the left and very slight steering wheel off-center. Rotated my new tires and pull is the same. I never noticed it with the old tires.
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We had this start of a conversation at work regarding the Camber so i wanted to compare notes if we can resurect this thread.

My Camber is a little further out as listed should i be looking at getting a bolt kit installed to adjust or what do you guys think based upon your past experience?


I like to ask random questions so here is one for the Car Guru's

my Volt unibody which doesn't have Camber adjustments is sitting at 96,000 KM i was curious as i had hte alignment check for the first time and the numbers are

Camber Front Driver -0.8 Front passenger -1.3 ( spec was .4 and maxed out at 1.2 ) so it's .1 of a degree out of max spec?

How significant generally speaking will this be on tire wear on average?

The shop figured the root cause may be strut on passenger side may be sitting 1/4 of a inch lower then the drivers side.

I like to get a few different opinions just to compare notes so Thanks again. :)


I've heard of this happening on the these vehicle's and others. They undersize the struts. Think of an old VW bug looking at it from behind the wheels are always angled out on the bottom. Its because of all the weight of the engine in the back bouncing up and down, especially on our roads, the spring component of the strut get week and mnemory gets lost. Same principal on the front of yours. You have all the added battery weight. We usde to stick wedges in the spring coils to prop up our VW's, when we couldn't afford to replace parts. lol.

96000KMS on that front end is pretty good if you never had anything done.


Sounds about right plus removing the camber adjustment likely doesn't help any.

Any suggestions on replacement struts with a good warranty for me to research.

And are the Cheaper made Unibody adjustments available with a Wedge or is throw aways.

( the shocks themselves are stable still just the droop which is causing the camber issue ) So i would like to get anoher 50,000km out of them.


Struts are a maintenance item (unless they actually break in the warranty period of the vehicle. How badly are they wearing your tires? check out pricing on supply and install from dealer and aftermarket like Kal tire or someone like that. Compare that to replacement cost of two tires same brand and type on it now. If the shock and spring are still bot good replacing tires might be cheaper. but also rotating your tires every 10,000 KM will reduce the wear cycle as well.
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