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Gen 1 alignment

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I've been searching the forum and the 'net and cannot find an answer as to whether the Volt has adjustable caster and camber in front. I'm particularly interested in caster as mine has a slight pull to the left and very slight steering wheel off-center. Rotated my new tires and pull is the same. I never noticed it with the old tires.
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That is my question too, since I have a slight pull to the left. I have not hit anything with the car and it may be my new tires are just more sensitive than the old ones. I have a slight torque steer to the left also that I hadn't noticed before. I saw eccentric cam bolts available for camber adjustment, but unless something is available to move the lower control arm, which doesn't look likely, I don't see any caster adjustment. I hit a curb once in my Miata and thereafter it had a pronounced pull to the right. Lower control arm got bent. Only fix was to replace it.
This forum is great! Thanks to all who chimed in here.
Thanks El Dobro! I was typing as you made your post. The misalignment of my Volt, if any, is very slight. Tires are wearing normally. I'm gonna wait till after winter in case I do slam into something and definitely knock it out!
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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