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Gen 1 - 2012 - CEL at 68k miles - Code P0531

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I have a 2012.

CEL ( Check Engine Light) came on Sunday, car ran perfectly fine. I didn't post about it here or on facebook. I didn't call a Volt advisor as that information would have done nothing but wasted time, I just called my dealer myself Monday morning and made arrangements to drop it off after work. They put me in a new, Silver, 2017 Volt to play with :)

The car showed code P0531 which led to an internal ECM failure. They had one in stock and replaced the ECM under the 8 yr / 80,000 mile emissions warranty. Part number #12668866

Back in June, car threw the same code that led to a AC sensor

FYI in case anyone is experiencing this code
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Thanks for posting, Joe!
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