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Gearshift Stuck in Park - 4 dealer fixes - is my 2016 Volt a Lemon?

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Anyone else had an experience similar to mine?
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<snip>... I opted to change the oil to Mobil 1. I figured since I'm not using the ICE aside from EMM and the dreaded FMM I wanted the best oil I can buy.

I'd find a different dealer to address your issue.
I'm not being snide, but why didn't you buy GM's oil? It seems to me that if GM is willing to warrant the engine for 100,000 miles, they would use "the best oil money can buy". Does Mobil 1 exceed the Dexos requirements? And, if so, is it necessary for an engine that sees the kind of usage the Volt engine sees?

At least for the Gen1, I can't think of one item that could be considered "cheap". That probably goes for the Gen2, also.
At my dealer full synthetic is an extra-cost option at the free oil change--which utilizes blended synthetic.
I assumed that Bazinga either supplied his own oil to someone to use or that he changed his own oil. In either case, using oil that meets the Dexos requirements is sufficient, based on how "life treats" the ICE, IMHO. No need to use a premium priced oil.
Well I beg to disagree. One of the hardest tasks on oil is containing and neutralizing acids and moisture, both of which the Volt ICE is much more prone to produce from its style of infrequent running, stop-start, etc. Top-tier full synthetic for me. My weapon of choice is Amsoil Signature Series 5w-30. For a 2- year change interval, the price is insignificant to me.
I'll ask again, is it necessary to buy expensive oil that meets the Dexos requirements, as opposed to the GM oil that meets the Dexos requirements? Do you have information that supports using any oil other than GM Dexos? What you have described may indeed be true. What I am asking you is why you think that GM Dexos does not protect the engine? Gm is warranting the engine for 5 years or 100,000 miles. Surely they would not expose themselves to early engine failure by specifying an inferior oil. Do you think otherwise?
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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