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Gas lines!

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DFW is going nuts filling up their tank during lunch. I guess they see a shortage that I don't.

Oh wait. I drive on electrons not noxious fumes. I got a half tank. That'll last a good month!
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I filled up my CMax Energi on both gas and electrons before Harvey hit down here. We were spared and haven't had to use the gas for generating electricity purposes but we'll be heading to Rockport to help a co-worker and friends some of whom are elderly. Trees still standing have no leaves and offer zero shade in our late August heat. I'll be offering it as an on-site air conditioner for them so they can still monitor our cleanup actions. I'll also use the rear seat 110v ac plug to run a couple of crockpots.
Good for you for helping. My daughter and son-in-law have a house there (their main home is near Austin). Their house was damaged but definitely fixable. The neighbors, not so much. Many folks lost the only home they have in the hurricane. The son-in-law loaded up a bunch of stuff from Sam's to take down to hand out to the folks, many of which he's known for years.
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