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Gas lines!

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DFW is going nuts filling up their tank during lunch. I guess they see a shortage that I don't.

Oh wait. I drive on electrons not noxious fumes. I got a half tank. That'll last a good month!
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After Sandy hit NJ, a lot of gas stations installed generators to keep the pumps going in case a storm hits again.
I've used 3 gallons of gas since July 8th. I'm pretty sure I'll get through this. :D
They took care of line jumpers back during the 70's fuel lines...:rolleyes:
Red, yellow and green flags, odd and even license plates. Ah, the good old days.
You left out the 10-gallon limit. Or was that just a Dallas thing?
We probably had the 10 gallon limit too, but I was driving Corvairs during both gas shortages and about 10 topped the tanks off.
They may have been there just for the air pump.
Since hurricane Sandy I believe New Jersey now has a requirement that gas stations in that state have backup generators so they can continue to pump gas if the power is out.
It's not mandatory, but if the stations get a genset, they get assistance from the state.
1 - 6 of 59 Posts
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