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Gas lines!

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DFW is going nuts filling up their tank during lunch. I guess they see a shortage that I don't.

Oh wait. I drive on electrons not noxious fumes. I got a half tank. That'll last a good month!
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If the power goes out, the gas station pumps won't work.

I worked in a gas station in my youth. Be very careful of flooded areas as their underground tanks may have too much water. The owner where I worked didn't get the tank filler on straight during icing weather. When the ice/snow melted it ran into the fill pipe and caused havoc with our customers.
Now gas prices are spiking and some actual gouging is going on. Some over $3/gal in DFW up from $2.

Here is a new link:
Irma could be a problem if it goes into the GOM. That thing is a monster. Louisiana could get some rain bands.

Can't really rely on hurricane predictions past the 4-5 day mark. It will probably be steered north by the cold front moving through TX tomorrow.

No matter which way it goes, that huge footprint will rain all over a lot of parades in Florida for sure.
Well, since I started this thread, I used about a gallon of gas. Still got plenty. :)
1 - 6 of 59 Posts
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