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Gas lines!

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DFW is going nuts filling up their tank during lunch. I guess they see a shortage that I don't.

Oh wait. I drive on electrons not noxious fumes. I got a half tank. That'll last a good month!
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Having a Volt is actually a double-edged sword for this. On one hand as long as we can get electricity we can charge our cars, but on the other hand if the power goes out we may need to get gas...
That is one of the great things about the Volt. What other car can be driven (useful distances) on either electricity or gas when the other one is unavailable? It is the perfect car for these kinds of crises.
If the power goes out, the gas station pumps won't work.
It is true that gas pumps are electric. However, in my experience with several major power outages due to hurricanes or winter storms, it was always possible to find a gas station somewhere that was in service. Electrical power typically goes out and is restored in patches. Repair priority is given to certain public needs like hospitals and commercial areas where people buy food and fuel. And anything located close to a substation is likely to have minimal downtime. Also, after several major East Cost storms in recent years, there has been more attention on installing generators at gas stations, sometimes with public grant money. But it still depends on the specific disaster scenario, of course.
The old fashioned gas pumps with the glass cylinder at the top (1920's?) were powered by hand pumping. It might not be bad if there were a few of those around still.
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