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Garage Door Opener

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My current Volt (2013) has 3 buttons along the roof line that can be programmed for opening garage doors or similar electronic gates. In looking at the new 2017 Volt, I noticed that those buttons have been removed. As a result, I would have to have two openers attached to the visor to access my garage at work as well as my secured parking lot at work.

Anyone know why these were removed from the newer Volt?

Thanks, Honhme
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I stuck on one of these compact keychain universal remotes with 3M mounting tape. Only problem was in the heat, it wouldn't stay stuck on the plastic overhead, so I instead I stuck it next to the cup-holder. It can program two garage doors. There are also three button versions, that are only a little bit bigger, as well as 3 button standard visor garage door remotes.
1 - 1 of 32 Posts
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