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Future autonomous features

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While in for the SW recall with my 2017 w/ACC, I noticed another driver with a gen1 Volt that had the mobileye camera installed. I wasn't aware that some gen1 cars had lane keeping so I asked him about it and he clarified it was lane departure warning only.

I'm fascinated by the prospects going forward... If some pre-2016 cars had lane departure warning and 2016+ have optional lane keeping (err, nudging) I'm wondering at what point the Volt (and probably Bolt) will have actual old style Tesla highway 'autopilot'? Perhaps even auto-lane switching although that might require side cameras.. not sure if the SBZ detectors would be sufficient.

No doubt at a minimum this would require a lot more processing (and software) and perhaps even a better camera (not sure of the specs on the existing cam). But it wouldn't be too hard to predict this coming to the Volt/Bolt in the near future.

I guess my real question would be: Does anyone think existing ACC cars would be offered a camera/processor upgrade to enable some of these features? Doesn't sound like GM style to offer such upgrades and I guess it might require some UI rewriting as well.. Just curious.
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The most recent article about Super Cruise is that at least in the first version, it will be geo-mapped. That is, it will only operate in hands-free mode on highways in the database, which means it will have to be OTA at some point, if not initially.

A WAG is that the Bolt was SUPPOSED to have Super Cruise, but the NHTSA delay pushed it back too far to get it into the cars. Since Super Cruise is supposed to pull off the road if the driver is unconscious, the NHTSA considered that too autonomous last year.

GM is probably gunshy of releasing tech that not working 99.9%.
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