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Future autonomous features

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While in for the SW recall with my 2017 w/ACC, I noticed another driver with a gen1 Volt that had the mobileye camera installed. I wasn't aware that some gen1 cars had lane keeping so I asked him about it and he clarified it was lane departure warning only.

I'm fascinated by the prospects going forward... If some pre-2016 cars had lane departure warning and 2016+ have optional lane keeping (err, nudging) I'm wondering at what point the Volt (and probably Bolt) will have actual old style Tesla highway 'autopilot'? Perhaps even auto-lane switching although that might require side cameras.. not sure if the SBZ detectors would be sufficient.

No doubt at a minimum this would require a lot more processing (and software) and perhaps even a better camera (not sure of the specs on the existing cam). But it wouldn't be too hard to predict this coming to the Volt/Bolt in the near future.

I guess my real question would be: Does anyone think existing ACC cars would be offered a camera/processor upgrade to enable some of these features? Doesn't sound like GM style to offer such upgrades and I guess it might require some UI rewriting as well.. Just curious.
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One guy got his car to do this already. Please understand this is a super-alpha (not even beta) kind of thing, so you should be two or three notches above paranoid watching it always and being extremely careful. (Just like with the existing Lane Keep Assist, it can be overridden by steering the wheel with more force than it's applying to the wheel. Also cancellable by brake or gas pedal.) Just think of this as a glimpse into what the future may bring. (It would feel more safe to me in a year or two from now. But stable much sooner than the five years out that auto makers are saying.)

The biggest nice thing is: with the existing system take your hands off the wheel. GM's lane keep assist just bounces you back and forth between the lines. (Up until the point when it breaks out of the lines or you hit something with your car. Not a very good system at all.) This software actually can "see" the lines on the road and center you inside them.


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