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Full stop in low

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I really wish that they would reprogram or offer a software update to have the Volt come to a full stop using regen rather than creep in low. The creep although doing exactly what it is designed to do —- mimic a gas automatic transmission— is irritating in this car and my leg gets tired of the brake pedal, which given the strong regen and the regen paddle I really only use now otherwise for sudden stops. Since they apparently implemented this in the Bolt in low, I assume there is no hardware related reason they couldn’t have that code deployed in the Volt? Really wish they did...

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Regenerative braking uses the car’s kinetic energy to crank the generator, which can recharge the battery while braking the car. It can’t hold the car at a complete stop because there’s no regen when the car’s not moving. Engineering the vehicle to "creep" or not to "creep" once it’s stopped is a separate issue.
While a full stop may be practical in a BEV because there is just one motor, the Volt has a separate traction and generator motor. The generator is only 55kW. Volt has to constantly switch between these motors as the vehicle decelerates/accelerates. So, the regen system is significantly different from Bolt, and not a simple software update.
If MGB is the primary traction motor/generator and MGA is the motor/generator used to extend the Volt’s range by generating electricity when clutched to the gas engine, it would be impractical to use MGA for regenerative braking. That would require clutching it to the drivetrain whenever you took your foot off the accelerator (unless you immediately shifted into N), even in Electric Mode, even if you were moving slowly.

My understanding is that MGB, the primary traction motor, is used for regenerative braking.
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