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Full stop in low

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I really wish that they would reprogram or offer a software update to have the Volt come to a full stop using regen rather than creep in low. The creep although doing exactly what it is designed to do —- mimic a gas automatic transmission— is irritating in this car and my leg gets tired of the brake pedal, which given the strong regen and the regen paddle I really only use now otherwise for sudden stops. Since they apparently implemented this in the Bolt in low, I assume there is no hardware related reason they couldn’t have that code deployed in the Volt? Really wish they did...

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I noticed in the model 3 video an option to switch creep on/off & thought that was something that seems simple and that they should offer in the volt. I really like driving in L, but wish I had that as an option.
Seems to me that given the Bolt uses essentially the same control hardware and this is already written into the Bolt code for L mode, GM could easily update the Volt software to provide this option.

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I agree with this. It's not a huge deal, but it is one that comes up pretty much daily for me since I like driving in L.
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