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Full stop in low

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I really wish that they would reprogram or offer a software update to have the Volt come to a full stop using regen rather than creep in low. The creep although doing exactly what it is designed to do —- mimic a gas automatic transmission— is irritating in this car and my leg gets tired of the brake pedal, which given the strong regen and the regen paddle I really only use now otherwise for sudden stops. Since they apparently implemented this in the Bolt in low, I assume there is no hardware related reason they couldn’t have that code deployed in the Volt? Really wish they did...

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I use L a lot of the time to take advantage of the regen, but I do get nervous about the lack of a brake light. I have had cars run up on me when I slow, and finally went back to D during a long stop & go session on the expressway after having a couple of guys behind were not paying attention. Maybe I'm overcautious, but I had a great Volvo totaled out by some jerk behind me who was playing with his radio and didn't notice that traffic had stopped.
Were your brake lights on when you lost the Volvo? Maybe it's not that helpful when stopped... (Heck, people rear-end FIRE TRUCKS with the whole array of lights going. It seems like this is a hole with no bottom...)

Gen II Volts not only pay attention to the pedal but also the slowing rate, and turn on the brake lights when the rules call for it. I can't remember what it is in meters per sec^2, but it works out to about 0.1g.
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