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Full stop in low

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I really wish that they would reprogram or offer a software update to have the Volt come to a full stop using regen rather than creep in low. The creep although doing exactly what it is designed to do —- mimic a gas automatic transmission— is irritating in this car and my leg gets tired of the brake pedal, which given the strong regen and the regen paddle I really only use now otherwise for sudden stops. Since they apparently implemented this in the Bolt in low, I assume there is no hardware related reason they couldn’t have that code deployed in the Volt? Really wish they did...

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I always thought of the Volt line as a gateway EV and thought the lack of full stop on REGEN (paddle or L) was on purpose so users wouldn't get caught off guard with lack of creep (assuming most drivers came from an automatic ICE).

I'm also not a huge fan of the full-stop via paddle or L since you're not actually applying the brakes. I don't have a good rationale, but having my brake applied at a full stop always felt safer. On the Bolt I actually miss the creep of the Volt when using the paddle. It's a good reminder when I come to a full stop that others behind may not know I'm stopped (no brake lights). True, it's the people behind me that are responsible for judging distance to me, but the brake lights help them out immensely.
It would be nice if GM would have the brake lights come on with the use of the regen paddle. Otherwise, I'm fine with the way it functions and don't mind lifting my foot to the brake if needed. Just my 2 cents.
I didn't realize the brake lights are activated with deceleration in L or using the paddle. Thank you.
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