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So far not so bad LED headlights, diode mod and Switchback LED. Also have the reverse light switch back red white. Looks more blue in the pics but in real life its around 3000k daylight. See the side by side Stock vs LED headlight setup.

What I used:

Headlight bulbs :

Back cap, A must for clean install.use 31mm cut notch for wire to sit flush seal:

LED switch back for bumper turn bulb, Removed one resistor for the white part as its not needed and just heats up. keep for the yellow so you dont get fast flashing:

Black up bulb, not the best seal but will do. Looking for Red/white switchback so I can build a clean harness

1N5408 Rectifier Diode for DRL when headlgith is on:


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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