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Hello Internet denizens!

Sparky, my 2013 Volt, suffered an unfortunate amount of contact with another vehicle and had to be retired, and I got a 2015 base model with about 40k miles (only 4K on the battery) from a fleet in Illinois.

Less than a month ago, I did a 400+ mile round trip to another state, and now I’m getting the FMM condition, which should be impossible given that there’s not a single drop of gas in that tank that was there last month. The new Volt is sitting in the garage right now with the battery disconnected to see if I can get this to clear, but I was wondering if anyone else has seen this happen.

I drove about 50 miles on gas today, and topped it up from about 120 miles remaining to a full tank (304 miles) but no luck yet.

Y’all don’t think I’m going to have to replace my 12v battery, do you?
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