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Frustrated Recall Fix?(Don't know the recall number, yet)

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I was called by my dealer to bring my 2017 in for a free oil change and annual inspection, before the 1st year was up. I agreed as I was planning on it anyways. I was told that there was some recall that needed fixing as well, and it could be done at the same time. OK.
The time came I took my car in, when I checked it in, I was told that there was 2 recalls, an emission recall and something else.
When I went to pickup my car, I was told that the emission recall wasn't fixed as they had to order the part in. You think if I made an appointment that they would order the part in.
Anyways 2 weeks pass, and the dealer phones and tells me the part is in. I make another appointment to fix the emission recall, 2 days before a long weekend.
First day, they haven't finished it yet.
Second day(Friday afternoon), they can't get any power to the engine to run an emission test, they will need to keep it until Tuesday. That evening I thought don't they know how to use Hold mode?
Day 3-5, long weekend.
Day 6, I call the service adviser, and he tell my that the dash lights up, but there is no propulsion from the engine or battery. The have gone over what they have done several times, reprogrammed and updated all of the modules and still no propulsion. As it sits now(literally), the are in talks with 'GM', to see what is happening.
They say the have done a few of these recalls before, without any issue. I am the lucky first to have them scratching their heads. At least I have a loaner car, but it is a real pain having to purchase gasoline for CAN$1.30 litre.
Has anyone else had this emission recall? I was told it was new. ???
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My dealer has a designated Volt guy. After this, I guess that doesn't mean much.
My advisor said that the pipe or hose was worn, and needed replacing. So I guess when I took it in for the original recall, that is when they found that the hose was worn, and a replacement needed to be ordered. OK, I'll forgive them for the second appointment then.
Day 7, finally got my car back.
This is what was on the invoice. Did they spend 12.9 hours on it? It appears Mel was no

9103187 0090 Evaporative Emission Pipe
Replacement (includes inspection)
540 W 12.90
806 W 0.00

2 11549437 RIVET
1 84308760 PROTECTOR
1 84266671 PIPE
ST 3.6 ST
806 W 3.60
FC: 9090 PART#: COUNT:

PARTS: 0.00 LABOR: 0.00 OTHER: 0.00 TOTAL LINE A: 0.00
REPLACED EVAP LINE, CONTACTING TAC TUESDAY, VEHICLE WILL NOT START...///1.0 TO DIAG FOR NO PROPULSION...///...///1.0 FOR NO PROPULSION.../// 806 no propulsion, GDS scan DSC-V ,, no codes ,,, 12V battery low , charge ,,, reset HV contactors ,, reset Crash Event Detection ,,, still no propulsion ,, check PSBs , cannot clear Hybrid/EV Battery Contactor Open Reasons ,,...///1.0 to continueto diag.../// cannot reprogram HPCM1 or HPCM2 with the samecalibrations ...///,,, reprogrammed BECM with latest , still no propulsion...///1.0 TO CONTINUE TO DIAG AFTER PROGRAMMING FAILED.../// car has no propulsion and GDS scan vehicle no codes set...///0.5 TO CONTINUE TO DIAG FOR NO PROPULSION.../// ,,, called TAC (Mel) case#xxxxxxx , recommends keep trying , has to be a way somehow to unlock the HV system...///0.5 TO CONT TO DIAG AND UNLOCK HV SYSTEM.../// ok with no help from TAC as of 4 weeks ago GM decided that a module cannot be reprogrammed with the same calibrations as are already in a module ,,, thats a problem because SI indicates (error in manual(module?) now) the way to re-enable the HV system is to reprogram the HPCM1 but now cannot So followed a sequential "Clear Secured (hidden) High Voltage DTCs" these hidden DTCs have to be cleared from 3 modules in correct sequence with 5 min shut down between modules , ok now ,, road test ,,, re-scan and clear codes
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