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Front seat support spring - or, has anyone taken their seat apart?

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Before I bought this Volt I was looking at a few Accords, but there was a spring/bar in the front seat that was brutal on my back. One of my contacts at Honda told me it was a 30min job to remove it, but the Volt swayed me and I went that route.

Now I am starting to notice some discomfort from the seat and from looking at the blow-up of the seat it appears to be 20897336 Support, LOWER (#10 below).

I'm thinking about taking the seat back panel off (#11) and looking around in there, see if this piece can be removed, of if it is more of a serious 'project' that could involve seat removal and airbags (big no-no).

Has anyone who many have done any reupholstering or anything of that ilk have any suggestions?
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