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Front grill color

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Did certain colors come with a black front grill instead of the silver one?
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And some with paint, others with vinyl.

This PlastiDip has been holding up over 3 years. It fades a wee bit over time but not much.
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Damn! That looks great! Did you remove the grills or just mask everything off?
Masked it.

There are a lot of tutorial videos here:

The bowtie is a vinyl from here:
A small bit of overspray in the upper grille isn't a big issue. It'll probably land on road grime anyway. if you do the lower grille too as I did, just spray at angles so you're not spraying directly at the lower radiator. I did not mask or cover behind the grilles, I was just careful about what direction I pointed the spray.
1 - 5 of 17 Posts
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